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Andrew Wilbur, Strategic Business Advisory and Leadership

Dan has exceptional insight and perspective to provide coaching at any level. I’ve benefitted from his program and advice many times over the years. I’m very grateful for his mentorship and highly recommend him to anyone looking to get to the next level.

Dhana Srinivasan, Development Director

Dan’s coaching was the most memorable and awesome thing I had ever done in my life.

Khilan Jerath, Director Big Data

Dan’s positivity, focus, patience, compassion and style has been phenomenal and has helped me get my own patience, positivity and focus back. Can’t thank Dan enough for everything.

Sri Yarlagadda, Quality Assurance Manager

It was a lifechanging experience for me. The knowledge and understanding that I received from this will stay with me forever.

Alyssa Garvey, Manager

Really good! I was pleasantly surprised.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan, Market Intelligence Manager

His coaching helped me to gain clarity in my life and made me self-aware of who I am as an individual. He also showed me how to uncover the untapped potential within myself.

Andy Herteis, Manager

Dan is a true coach.

Bianca Pisaneschi Guedes, Sales Manager

Dan was literally a gift to me. Thanks for everything again Dan.

Deepa Mehalingam, Senior Business Analyst

Definitely recommended to anyone who has a deep desire to became more than who they are today!

Malcolm Ponnayan, Health and Social Service Executive

Dan is just amazing!!

Dan Garbati  is the creator of the “Happiness Comes in Threes” journaling method, which helps individuals reframe a self-defeating story into a self-empowering one. He is a professional coach and mentor, dedicated to helping people reach their fullest potential. With an EMBA from Queen’s University, he has built a long career in technology, concentrating onbuilding and leading high performing teams through particular focus on people development. Dan has an International Coaching Federation certification and ample coaching and mentoring
experience, specializing in working with groups, teams, and individuals. Typical sessions take place in an office or through videoconferencing. However, on occasion, if clients are comfortable, Dan fuses traditional coaching with exciting adventures such as skydiving, trapeze flying, improv acting, hang gliding, rock climbing, and hot-air ballooning, or with volunteering that helps people in need and the elderly to highlight an important life lesson.